"Cater your next party or event, large or small, with the best BBQ in the DMV area. Uncle Rockers offers fresh, homemade southern style BBQ. You can choose from a selection of pork, beef, ribs, chicken, turkey, and sides. Uncle Rockers is delicious. You won't be disappointed!"


"Great food & fun idea"

"Uncle Rockers BBQ is amazing. I used them for an out of town family dinner the night before my daughter's Bat Mitzvah and it was amazing. Everybody loved all the food. The brisket was my favorite and all the side we ordered were great. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends. Simply amazing."


"I met Dennis (UNCLE ROCKER) at Herdon Night Live and asked him about his BBQ. spending my life in Georgia and Alabama, I told him how I was disappointed with the BBQ in that area. He urged me to come by one of their fundraising events to give his a whirl, as he thought it was different than the other BBQ spot in the area.

I showed up to this event and the had the smoke cranking from the smoker, which is always sign #1 of a good joint...

I received a sampler from him, which included pulled pork, chicken thighs, and some beef... all smoked.

I don't like drenching my BBQ in sauce because I really like to taste the smoke and meat flavor, plus well-cooked BBQ doesn't need sauce. Well, long story short, it was great Q.

The chicken had a nice light smoke taste to it and wasn't dried out one bit. The pork pulled apart with ease, had a smoke flavor (that nice pink layer just beneath the bark), wasn't dry and wasn't chopped up like you find around these parts. Finally, the beef probably had the best smoke flavor inside of it and was very flavorful.

Onto the sauce, I had the homemade sauce and it was great. It reminded me of the sauce down in certain parts of Alabama and Georgia where it's a ketchup/vinegar based sauce where you can the black pepper flakes.

I will definitely suggest and eat when I get the chance... It's not like the other crock-pot or over BBQ that you find at the rest of the places in this area."


"I ordered Brisket service for 10 with sides for my team meeting this week. Dennis had the order ready and waiting for pickup. The Brisket is simply AMAZING! So tender, juicy, smoky, and delicious! The sides were also very tasty which included Mac & Cheese, baked beans, and cole slaw. I am already looking forward to trying the ribs for my next order!"


"Uncle Rocker's ribs tantalize all the senses beginning with the wonderful fragrance that gets all your taste buds tingling in anticipation as you inhale. As you bite in you get your first tease of all the flavor waiting for you. The meat falls right off the bone and it's so juicy it just melts in your mouth. Don't get me started on the brisket!!"


"Oh my Lord,
I can still taste the smoke in
my mouth after 2 weeks lol.
Great Rib & Brisket.
Above all, great person!
Snap though, I don't have any pics,
'cause I couldn't stop eating lol!


"Ordered it for our Labor Day OBX trip and everyone loved it. Cornbread is special and everything was more than we could ask. Highly recommend! Delicious food."


"The food is awesome! The brisket and house sauce are my favs.
Uncle Rockers catered for my 40th birthday party, a few family gatherings and our church's yard sale. Uncle Rockers then donated a large check to help send 34 teens to camp, July 2016.

I love Uncle Rockers'!

Book 'em before it's too late!"


"The man is a MASTER!!! Smokey, juicy brisket so delicious! !! You have got to try this!! Thank you, Dennis/Uncle Rocker! WOW👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"


"All of the food was freaking awesome and Dennis is the man!"


 "How do you make sure that everyone comes to your son’s graduation when there are at least five other [graduations] at the same time? Hire Uncle Rockers’ to prepare and serve all the food! The food was so good, we had a hard time getting people to leave. We didn’t take into account that guest would eat so much, so we didn’t have enough leftover! Dennis and his crew prepared the best brisket and pulled pork along with this 100% homemade mac n’ cheese and coleslaw. We constantly heard how much our guests enjoyed the food and how polite and helpful his crew was. They even helped us clean up! If you’re looking for the best BBQ style food prepared by someone who loves what he does, Uncle Rockers’ is your guy. It’s very important to Dennis that everyone enjoys the food as much as he enjoys preparing it, and it shows! Thank you, Uncle Rockers’ and crew for making our party the best party for our parents and teens! Reserve a date for another grad party next year, because I refuse to use anyone else!"


"I haven’t had any dish I didn’t absolutely love from Uncle Rockers! My favorites for sure are the brisket and pulled pork, some of the best barbecue in NoVA area. I could also eat a tray of cornbread to myself. Dennis is super easy going and great to work with as well! I absolutely recommend them to anyone for any event or catering need they have! (Plus the sauces are homemade too!)"


"We just tried Uncle Rockers BBQ for the first time at an event tonight and the food was great. We had the pulled pork bbq, which was very tasty. The sides and the sauces are all homemade and were very good! I would definitely recommend them!"


"Dennis, first of all, my apologies for this late review. On behalf of the neighborhood, thank you and your team for preparing the tastiest pork bbq, chicken and sides for our annual block party. What better way to bring people together than to serve them Uncle Rockers finest food! Glad I took Diego's recommendation in hiring you. From beginning to end, It shows you take great pride in your work. Keep it up and good luck to you."


"I tried Uncle Rockers on sat 10/7 at Meadows nursery in Chantilly...in all seriousness, the brisket was the best I've ever had. I had some burnt ends and every other part of the brisket you could name. My only regret is not getting some of that turkey to go also... seriously guys, your que is amazing."


"Full disclosure, I've known the owner of this excellent startup for many, many years. That said, I wouldn't be posting a positive review if this company didn't deserve it.

Food Review:

On August 20, 2016, Uncle Rockers was contracted by my wife to cater an after party at our little ranch in western Loudoun. By the time our late night guests arrived, the pork bbq platter was in our oven, warmed and ready to eat. Our 14 guests had been at my surprise party all night and did not necessarily show up hungry for the late night portion of the evening's event because they were fed earlier in the evening. However, when they walked into the house, they couldn't help but investigate where the tasty aroma of bbq was coming from. Well, needless to say, they got hungry all over again when my wife yanked that 20lb tray of pulled pork out of the warming oven. They ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED it like a hungry pack of wolves! Can you even imagine the mayhem if they had shown up hungry? I managed to "hide" a coupla pounds of it so I could freeze and bust it out later when the NFL regular season starts (which is tonight!). As you all know, most quality food tastes just as good when reheated as leftovers. 

Performance Review:

According to my wife, who unbeknownst to me contracted Uncle Rockers to cater the after party portion of my surprise party, the service was reliable as well as prompt. She told me Dennis arrived with the contracted food in a timely manner and diligently guided her with the proper warming instructions so the bbq pork wouldn't overcook or dry out (btw, this was several hours prior to the after party). Also, it is my understanding that he even stopped by the house about an hour before the late night portion of the event to check on his "work." That's some pride at work right there! All in all, I'd say that you won't go wrong in choosing this company to take care of you bbq needs. Good luck in your future endeavors Uncle Rockers. We'll be in touch for sure!"


"Great BBQ we had for a large function of friends. Great feedback from everyone in attendance!"


"Uncle Rockers pulled pork...spot on, mouth-watering, MUST have at an event."


"Food is absolutely amazing! Best BBQ I've ever had!"





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